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The 2 pillars

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We do the 2 pillar approach to autoimmune disease waaaaay differently.


A common two-pillar approach to naturally managing autoimmune disease is to:

  1. Remove the stressors that are aggravating the immune system

  2. Support your body’s natural defenses

While some practitioners may say this philosophy encapsulates their approach, really, they focus predominantly on pillar number one: removing.

For example, the widely popular Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP) has a period called the elimination phase that restricts foods to a great degree. Now, I do support the use of this diet, but not without a broader strategy in place to ensure that this elimination phase is as short and temporary in nature as possible.

Without such a strategy, it’s quite possible that this phase will result in more limitation for you over the long term and not less.

Here’s where my approach differs.


After using myself as a guinea pig for a handful of years, taking a deep dive into the literature available on gut health, and observing what has been most effective in my practice with clients, I contend that we actually need to start by altering the two-pillars above into more of a Venn Diagram that looks like this:

Additionally, when considering how we should begin with our healing using these principles, we should prioritize starting as far to the left as possible, then working our way over to the right gradually, and as needed.

Supporting first and with a heavy-hand can move the bar in terms of what and how much we need to restrict, so elimination diets and antimicrobial work should come later in the process.

Likewise, we should limit our work to the darkest colored regions of the chart, and never be operating in the right-most sphere, where we use restriction alone.

Now, I wasted a lot of my own precious healing time on operating in the right hand side of this chart. And for the longest time I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong - was the problem that I didn’t have enough discipline? Was I not spending enough of my hard earned money on elaborate supplements?

Nope! It was that I wasn’t protecting and supporting my own immune system, so it could never normalize no matter how much I eliminated. It was sort of like walking around with an unattended broken arm and wondering why every time I bumped into something innocuous I had pain.


The answer wasn’t to stop living my life so that I would quit bumping into things.


It was to protect and support my arm in a cast, then get back out there.

This is the "how" of gut minimalism.


How do we keep our gut routines minimal so that we can go do stuff and have more fun?

By supporting the heck out of your defenses (immune system).

This is our broader strategy - our guiding light.

And it should be pretty intuitive. If someone's telling you to take more supplements, eat fewer foods, restrict your activities, and you never seem to be making any strides forward - is it any wonder that you may not be getting at the primary driver of what's ailing you? I would argue that this should actually be a red flag that you're not looking in the right places.

Besides, life is way funner when you don't have to be so worried about what's allowed. And to be clear, we all still need to be mindful, but we don't need to drive ourselves nuts with long "AVOID" lists bordering on the absurd.

Don't you think this makes sense? To focus on strengthening and increasing your resiliency rather than accommodating weak structures that can't tolerate much with ever increasing limitations on your life?

Then we're in agreement.

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and experimenting, and observing when it comes to what exactly this process should look like.

(Years of thinking, TBH).

Click below and I'll explain what I've come up with.