What if you could achieve digestion with *no* burning in just 7 days?


(Hint: that's not a catch-22.)

Inside The 7 Day Gut Soothe©, you'll get everything you need to ease burning symptoms and kickstart your mucosal healing journey - in just 7 days!


Ditch the acid symptoms.

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If only optimizing your tummy health was as simple as buying a few supplements and cutting out the cupcakes. 


Unfortunately, wasting time, effort, and money on ineffective reflux therapies is really common. 

It's also avoidable.


That's why I'm sharing what I know from my experience as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in The 7 Day Gut Soothe©.

Because I'm a big fan of dreaming big. But it's okay - and probably more productive - to start small

By beginning with a teeny tiny 7 Day Gut Soothe©, then building on that progress later.

The 7 Day Gut Soothe© workshop is essentially five years in the making…

But it’ll only take you seven days to implement. πŸ˜‰

And after teaching hundreds of students inside - we'd love to welcome you, too!

Ready for a quick win with your burning symptoms?

(Um, of course you are.)

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If there's one thing that we believe in around here, it's that order matters when it comes to reflux therapies.


Beyond just which therapies we consider, we must also think about how and - perhaps most importantly - when to apply them.

If our goal is to create buildable progress (>>synergy<<) then we need to honor the healing priorities of the body and go in order.

What's healing priority number 1?

✨The digestive mucosa.✨

So... why start with the mucosa?

And what even is the mucosa?


The digestive mucosa is the gut lining that runs from the mouth down to the colon.

And when it's impaired, it's like having a fire in our tissue - we've got to put that fire out before our bodies can accept and make use of any other help.

We wouldn't try to remodel our kitchen while our house was on fire (no matter how horrible the vinyl was), we'd prioritize tending to the emergency instead.


This is our logic: focus on what's most pressing first, then build on that foundation.



Hi! I'm Lucy Nepstad, creator of The 7 Day Gut Soothe©.


I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who naturally manages my Lupus using gut and detox principles.

Now I help autoimmune and digestive clients to apply simple prioritization strategy to gut work - so they can ditch the overwhelm and make easy progress.

Throughout this work, mucosal healing has proven to be the non-negotiable first-step for those suffering from burning symptoms at mealtime. It's the reliable outcome predictor for whoever walks in my door with burning issues. It's my playing-field-leveler, and strong-foundation-builder.

I wanted to create a course where I taught my method—the same one that has given so many reflux/GERD/heartburn sufferers their lives back.

I wanted to help fellow digestive clients have more relief and less discomfort.

And I wanted to help them achieve that in a faster and more reliable way without the drama and frustrations that so often come with stomach dysfunction.

I also firmly believe that a working digestive system that doesn't cause pain when we attempt to nourish ourselves should not be a hope; it should be an expectation.

And I knew I wanted to help those expecations become realities for way more people.

"OK... but what is a Gut Soothe?"


In The 7 Day Gut Soothe © we'll focus our attention on repairing the digestive mucosa (gut lining) and fortifying it's structure so that burning becomes a thing of the past using our 4-pronged proprietary process.



The 7 Day Gut Soothe © strategically combines a set of tried-and-true therapies in an easy-to-follow week-long framework to create synergy and accelerate relief.



Best of all, The 7 Day Gut Soothe © will act as the gateway to your digestive healing. This quick, inexpensive baby step will give you enough symptomatic breathing room to focus on what's next, and to lay the groundwork for new therapies.


So, what's in it for you?


The 7 Day Gut Soothe formula works for any type of burning issues —reflux, GERD, heartburn and gastritis.

If you want to improve your digestive reactions but you're overwhelmed about how...
If you need to get some relief from annoying burning symptoms... 
If you have too many ideas from self-proclaimed "experts" weighing in on how to do this...
If you're over trying to DIY your stomach acid and falling down every Google rabbit hole to get an answer to every question you have...

If you're tired of feeling like you'll never get anywhere with your reflux or gastritis symptoms....

And especially if you wish there was an easy way to start healing your tissue simply, quickly, and effectively...

...then The 7 Day Gut Soothe is for you.

Nope, you don't need that thousand dollar program right now.

(I promise.)


You also don't need to eat and live like a monk.






And you don't need to keep popping those antacids.

You just need to get started.

So start smart, with The 7 Day Gut Soothe.

Psst...you also need a *robust* mucosa that...

βœ… Separates your immune system from microbial and food invaders - helping to prevent inflammation at the source

βœ… Enhances digestive secretions for optimal nutrient absorption so you have plenty of fuel in your cup

βœ… Tolerates and can receive benefit from other therapies, so you can stop being hypersensitive and actually help yourself


This is an absolute necessity if you want to make a return on your gut health investment.

The 7 Day Gut Soothe © is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help get your digestive mucosa - a barrier that is critical for digestive function and meal time comfort - in working order.

Hose off that gut-fire.

Try the 7 Day Gut Soothe ©!


Now only $67



Here's what you'll learn inside the 7 Day Gut Soothe:

You'll follow Step 1 of our proprietary S.E.E.D. method to rebuilding your stomach acid - and gain quick, needed symptom relief on the way.


Here's more on what "soothing your tissue" actually entails:


In Phase 1, you'll get acquainted with the 4 tools you'll use intensively during your Gut Soothe:

  • The Success Factors Checklist
  • The Rate Your State Symptom Tracker
  • The Mucosa Tea
  • The Gut Soother 7 Day Meal Plan

Learn how to evaluate whether you're actively irritating your mucosa, how to source your ingredients for the mucosa tea, how to log your symptoms, and how to use the done-for-you grocery list inside the meal plan... so you have everything you need to hit the ground running with your Soothe.


No one wants to feel overwhelmed by disorganization! In phase 2, you'll learn my best tips and tricks for how to organize your gut soothe, to make it easy and intuitive.

I also give you my Suggested Daily Planner Template for how to use all of the moving parts of the soothe together in your routine. All you need to do is plug-and-play while going about your normal life. βœ…

I'm also bringing you into my kitchen, where I'll:

  • teach you how to make homemade Aloe Vera Extract (Hint: If you struggle with kitchen-ing, this is super easy)
  • walk through making the Mucosa Tea - or as clients like to call it "the new secret weapon" - from start to finish.


After the work you've put in throughout the week, we're not leaving you to figure out how you went on your own.

You're ready to evaluate your progress! We'll walk you through the Rate Your State Symptom Evaluation Form (the same one I use in my practice) to organize your thinking around this.

I'm sharing:

  • my evaluation strategies to help you pinpoint your next steps
  • how to continue to implement the powerful strategies you've learned going forward - so you can build momentum when you use The 7 Day Gut Soothe as a launchpad for your health.

You don’t need tons of time to make this happen.

Actually, “tons of time” is kind of the antithesis of this whole thing.

The name of the game with The 7 Day Gut Soothe is speed and simplicity.

And of course, healing.

Because of that, I’ve laid out this quick workshop so you have a powerful set of tools you can effortlessly implement - quick.

So, if you only have a couple of hours in the evening after the kids go to bed…

Or a couple of hours here and there while you’re trying to run the rest of your busy life…

(Or both…)

You can make progress with The 7 Day Gut Soothe. Fast.

Who is The 7 Day Gut Soothe for?

The 7 Day Gut Soothe is right for any—yes, any—gut-rooted inflammation.

Whether you’re having burning symptoms at mealtime or heartburn afterwards, and whether you have a full blown addiction to TUMS or you just want some extra meal support, The 7 Day Gut Soothe is for you.



We need to prep your irritated upper-gastric tissue for stomach acid recalibration and provide much needed symptom relief.


Your gastric acid is misfiring and damaging your esophageal tissue. We have to repair this tissue before we work on normalizing stomach function.


Slow-transit time is elongating the gut tissue's acid exposure. First, we need to soothe the tissue, then increase the speed the food moves through the GI-tract.


The world is a little health-obsessed right now, and it can be overwhelming. But that doesn’t mean you should stop taking action.

In fact… it means you have more of a reason that ever to build a strong foundation.

The 7 Day Gut Soothe© creates a gateway into your health so you can take back some control and help yourself.

Here's a sneak-peek at just some of what you'll get in this intensive week-long adventure:


The Mucosa Tea Recipe + Product Guide

This proprietary and "face meltingly awesome" tea is worth the cost of the course itself

The Mucosa Strategy Checklist

One easy place for action-steps to prep for success

Step-By-Step Video Tutorials 

To help you put it all together and into practice

The Gut Soother 7 Day Meal Plan 

A carefully curated collection of easy, nutrient-dense recipes with a done-for-you grocery list to boot


'Rate-Your-State' Symptom Tracker

Our signature system - symptom tracking has never been this sexy

Done-for-you daily planner + organization tips

My suggested schedule to simplify a typical day during your Gut Soothe

DIY Aloe Vera Extract Tutorial

Easy, potent, and affordable - use this trick on a forever basis

Lifetime 10% off at Fullscript

Instant access to thousands of professional grade supplements at the touch of a click


"Holy cow, that's a lot of stuff for just... $67?  For real?!"


Yup. When tallied up, The 7 Day Gut Soothe© workshop is worth at least five times what I’m charging.

After all, it’ll help you save way more than that—in the short-term and long-term.

BUT my goal here was to make this a no-brainer price for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, because I know folks need these strategies now.

I don’t want you to heal your mucosa and get your burning under control someday… I want you to get started TODAY.

So I’ve priced it so you don’t have to hem and haw… you can just grab it and go! 



Grab your digital copy of The 7 Day Gut Soothe© here.


Check your inbox for your login info so you can jump in and get started today!


Follow the 7-day framework to soothe and rebuild your digestive mucosa.


Learn exactly where to go next using our super-simple 'evaluation' and 'next steps' lessons.

This is not about helping you create a broader health plan or a long-term, long-game strategy.


I'm not here to teach you that stuff right now. (We can get to that later - which we'll talk about inside.)

Instead, my goal is simple:

I want you to start feeling better as quickly as possible, for as little cost as possible, and to position yourself well for future buildable progress—in the way I know best:

The 7 Day Gut Soothe©



Now only $67


What they're saying about the 7 Day Gut Soothe ©


More questions? 

If you're still reading...

...you have two pathways forward:



 Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own...




Have a proven system for creating burn-free digestion so you can finally throw away those TUMs for good.

Imagine where you could be in 7 days...


You're ready to finally get out of your head at mealtime and enjoy your food.
You're ready to stop relying on band-aids like TUMS.
You're ready to start taking action using a natural, proven method that will help you avoid acid-blocking medications and long-term health impacts in the future.
You're ready to see way more food resilience with way more ease.
You're ready for a way to eat with less stress, less overwhelm, and more joy!

You're ready for The 7 Day Gut Soothe.

Start the 7 Day Gut Soothe E-Course right now...

...and be free of burning-symptoms by next week.  




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