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Mitochondria Mastery (MM) is your 12 Week Roadmap back to health—

  • A 12 Week Formula for Reaching Optimal Wellness

  • Blood Chemistry Panel + 1:1 Analysis Review

  • 1:1 Bio-individual Plan, based on labs and health history

  • Level 1 Foundational Work (Addresses Gut Healing, Deficiencies, Drainage & Mitochondria): 30 days

  • Level 2 Targeted Root Cause Protocols : 60 Days

  • 12 Education Modules Released Weekly

  • Community + Forum

  • Emotional Work

  • Learning Opportunities, Case Studies & Personal Development Along The Way

We are beyond excited to bring a program that is so needed in this health and wellness space!

Mitochondria Mastery was created for health seekers with chronic illness... by a health seeker with chronic illness ;). I know, first-hand, about the nagging hormonal imbalances, feelings of anxiety, hair loss, bloating, headaches, and confusing signs & symptoms that seem to never go away. Not only have I walked that road, but I've helped many overcome those same nagging symptoms and get their life back in my 1:1 practice. Now I've combined expertise in labs, blood chemistry analysis, bio-individual heath history, symptom presentation, and emotional work to launch MM.


MM addresses the root cause and provides an exact map for restoring balance and going from surviving to thriving.


What does the Functional Bloodwork process look like?

Add-On an optional Bio Resonance Test for even more specific information:

Here's what's on the agenda: