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Ditch the elimination diets and start rebuilding your body’s innate resilience by addressing the root cause... AKA: dumping all.the.toxins.


You don’t have to rely on eating only salmon and broccoli to manage your health…


It's totally possible to put your health back on autopilot.


You can consistently tolerate more foods, without having to load up on digestive support and herbs.


You can have the energy to expand your life, and get back to the activities that you love.


You can reach super-human health status and beyond, while putting forth way less effort in the process…


And in Mitochondria Mastery, we show you how to make ALL of that happen…


And much more πŸ˜‰.

"But what IS Mitochondria Mastery?"

Mitochondria Mastery is our 12-week coaching program for chronically ill folks who are ready to address their unique root cause by leveraging their mitochondria so they can finally heal at the cellular level.


Inside, we open up the playbook of our unique, root cause approach and give you everything you need – training, coaching, and support – to autopilot your health using functional blood work, frequency-tested protocols, and a paradigm-shifting process.


Our goal: To empower you with the content, coaching, and community of Mitochondria Mastery so you can make way more progress, need way less support, and put forward way less effort.

You can halt and reverse a chronic illness without a laundry-list of medications or living like a monk.


Better yet, you can build a life that grows your health all day, every day, any time of day… while living the lifestyle you want with the freedom you crave.


(But it’ll be a lot easier to get there with Mitochondria Mastery ☺️ )

Who is an ideal applicant for Mitochondria Mastery?

Mitochondria Mastery is ideal for three types of people:


πŸ‘‰ Undiagnosed and struggling people who want answers for why their symptoms are there and how they can restore balance before disease sets in.


πŸ‘‰ Chronic conditions like autoimmunity, metabolic syndromes, or other diagnoses. Literature shows there is a root cause behind the labels (hello mitochondria!), and by addressing it we can manage the pathology.


πŸ‘‰ Managed but limited people who have leveraged gut health, diet, and other modalities to help themselves, but who are now living a limited life. We need to dig deeper to the root cause to allow you to move past restriction.


So, whether you’re building on existing progress or still at the beginning in the head-scratching phase, you’ll be right at home in this program.

Who is not ideal for Mitochondria Mastery?

Mitochondria Mastery is NOT ideal for you if:


You are looking for a “magic pill”. (We don’t have those, but we do have magic mindsets!)


You want immediate, linear results. Healing can be a little bumpy and tends to take resources in the beginning. (Your reward for doing that work will be way more freedom later on.)


You aren’t interested in learning concepts for yourself, or are unconcerned with self-responsibility and empowerment. (These are crucial parts of the process)


Essentially, if you’re committed to your success and want the fast-track to a freer, more resilient, sustainable strategy for your cellular health, Mitochondria Mastery is for you.




“This moment brought to you by the magic of the mitochondria.”


^^What I say to my clients at least once a day when we experience a moment made possible by – you guessed it – the mighty mitochondria.


Being there for our family when they need us, going on vacations when we want to, doing whatever, wherever, because we can


…it all takes energy. (And energy is made by the mitochondria.)


The strategy we teach in Mitochondria Mastery makes all of those moments more accessible.


On the flip-side…

The truth about elimination dieting:

With elimination diets, your progress is 100% dependent on your ability and availability to avoid foods. That’s it. There’s no escaping it.


Having a bad day? Week? Month? Feeling extra tired? Or sick? Have a family emergency? Or a major kitchen issue?

Sorry boutcha. Your elimination diet will suffer. So, your health will suffer.


But sweet, glorious, root-cause mitochondrial work? It’s like a battery that just needs charging. The energy is there, you’ve created it using the framework we give you inside Mitochondria Mastery.


Sure, you do the work in the beginning to set these lifestyle pillars up, yes, and you’ll need to perform oil-change types of maintenance moving forward. But, then? Once that’s done, it’s done. Your cells will recharge, and you’ll be making energy in your sleep (like we’re supposed to).


It’s why I often tell my Mitochondria Mastery students “If you don’t like limitation, go cellular sooner!” πŸ˜‰


You get to take off the diet hat for good. Your focus – your energy – in your health totally changes. (For the better.)


Your mitochondrial battery (once you charge her up) does the heavy-lifting and makes the healing happen.


And you get to use that time – and energy – to focus on… whatever the heck you want to focus on…

Inside Mitochondria Mastery, our students use the newfound freedom their mitochondrial work brings them to do so many amazing things, including…


Go on food vacations…

Start a side hustle…

Write books…

Be with their kids more…

Get promoted…

Host podcasts…

And more.

If you’re reading this, chances are…


You want to more profoundly understand your health in a way that finally breaks the cycle of complaining to your doctor and being prescribed more medication.


You want to ramp up your results and go further faster


You want to finally quit avoiding ALL the foods, and avoiding activities you used to love…


You want to become more resilient so you can travel more, laugh more, give more, and have more in your cup to draw from as you please…


You want a streamlined roadmap with a clear action plan that allows you to help your body without having to give up what makes you you.


And you don’t want to only supplement, you want to profoundly connect with a more intuitive way to live, think, and support your body.


You want to heal on autopilot all day. Every day…


You want to grow your resilience and feel deep-rooted energy all the time:



When you’re on vacation…


When you’re walking your dog…


When you’re spending time with your family…


When you’re working on your life’s passion…


Or when you’re doing whatever you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with health.


You can have all of that and more when you learn to master your mitochondria.

You just need the drive…

Mitochondria Mastery gives you the vehicle, the fuel, and the GPS to get there. πŸš—β›½πŸ“

Ready to take the next steps?  

Mitochondria Mastery is a curated and collaborative coaching program, which means we highly value our community experience.

Because of this, Mitochondria Mastery is application-only.

We’re looking for a high level of commitment, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness. 

If you believe Mitochondria Mastery would be a good fit for you, here are your next steps:


Click here to fill out the application. Please be as detailed as possible with your answers—this is your chance to make a first impression! You’ll get to share your goals and plans, so feel free to take your time with this part. Your answers will help us to determine if we should advance you to the next step of the process.


If you meet our criteria, a team member will reach out within 48 hours and send you a video that walks you through the Mitochondria Mastery Process. This is your opportunity to learn more about our program and see if Mitochondria Mastery is right for you.


After the video session, you’ll receive the next steps from our team if you choose to enroll.

Note: You’ll only receive an invite to an info session, access to the video, and an invitation to join Mitochondria Mastery if you pass the application process.

 "But what about this info session?"  


If your application is approved, you’ll be invited to attend a Mitochondria Mastery info session. At that session, we’ll walk you through our proprietary Mitochondria Mastery Map.


Inside the Mitochondria Mastery Map video, we’ll share with you:

  • Behind the scenes in my practice where I show you a real before and after case study (and how this can be possible for you, regardless of what you’re struggling with)
  • How we use (and teach you to use) two prongs of coursework in the program to create real change: The Forgotten Framework and Mindset Methods
  • What the 5 steps to mastering the mitochondria are – and how you can leverage all of them for more progress and more sustainability
  • What your individual healing timeline will likely look like
  • The only way to tackle sensitivity, and why restriction is not helping.
At the end of the video, we’ll give you the next steps to take to become a member of Mitochondria Mastery.
To get started, fill out the application below.



"How does Mitochondria Mastery work?"

If you’ve read this far and you don’t know me, hi! I’m Lucy Nepstad.


I’m a Root Cause Practitioner, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Master of Blood Chemistry, and Lupus warrior.


Using what I’ve learned after going from a Lupus diagnosis to normal bloodwork (without medications) in 6 months, then leveraging the mitochondria to reach a new healthier baseline, and repeating with my clients, I’ve packaged up my exact step-by-step process.


I’ve taken great care to create a world-class program for health seekers that


Who said you had to wear a white coat to be able to understand your own body? That’s what Mitochondria Mastery is all about.

Mitochondria Mastery includes...

β˜‘οΈ 12 Weeks of Root Cause Learning


β˜‘οΈ 12 Weeks of Mindset Learning


β˜‘οΈ Private Support Group with Access to Lucy

β˜‘οΈ 1-on-1 Consults with Lucy


β˜‘οΈ Regularly Updated Masterclasses and Tutorials


β˜‘οΈ Resource libraries, Checklists, and Assessments

This program is five years in the making and I’ve held nothing back.


Essentially, Mitochondria Mastery is our entire and ever-evolving playbook on how to heal at the cellular level.


You won’t just get a supplement protocol… 

I’ll guide you every step of the way, from tackling your environment, to managing your mindset, creating mitochondria-friendly habits… and beyond. 

And with the Mitochondria Mastery Process, you can start making progress within weeks in the program. 

You don’t have to wait months to get expensive stool testing…

…then even more months to finagle your diet perfectly. 

We put you on the fast-track to productive and sustainable strategy… 

So you can start making changes and seeing progress right away… 

Everyday. All day. Any day.

While you will need to put in a bit of work, you won’t need to work every day, all day, to make it happen.


Ready to learn more about our proprietary Mitochondria Mastery Process?


If you’ve ever secretly wondered:

“What do those people out there with crazy stories about how they reversed their chronic illness know… that maybe I don’t?”


--That’s exactly what we answer inside Mitochondria Mastery.

BUT I’ll share some of that with you right now:


Struggling health seekers try to become an expert at #allthethings, often falling down the Google rabbit hole or troubleshooting half-formed strategies.

Successful healers stay the course. They focus on foundational knowledge that simplifies complicated questions instead of the opposite.


Struggling health seekers often waste time with short-term symptom bandaids like restriction.


Successful healers understand that there's a root cause that's driving their symptoms, so they keep digging deeper.


Successful healers also understand that time is a non-renewable resource.
But being ill drains your time.


They know there’s wisdom in bringing in outside help to streamline the process of getting from point A to point B.

And that’s exactly what we have in store for you in Mitochondria Mastery.

Program wins for past "successful healers":


From Colitis Client Devin C. :


From Nauseous Insomniac Client Hugo T. :


From Anxious + Body Pain Client Tyler M. :

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Send them to [email protected] and we'll get them answered!

You can have a thriving, vital, experience-rich life.


You can leverage the mitochondria to make more cellular energy and finally complete your body's healing cycles.


And you can do all of the above while empowering yourself with knowledge in the setting of supportive community.



If you’re still reading this, you owe it to yourself (and your health) to take the next step and see if Mitochondria Mastery is right for you.



Do you want to figure out how to have a resilient and health body…


Or do you want to have a resilient and healthy body?


The days of figuring it out on your own are so over.



Ready to join the ranks of our successful healers?


Ready to ditch the elimination diets and start seeing deep, sustainable resilience in your body -- all while effort-ing less and less?


Say hello to #rootcausehealing.


Say hello to Mitochondria Mastery.

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