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  • Behind the scenes in my practice where I show you a real before and after case study (and how this can be possible for you, regardless of what you’re struggling with)
  • How we use (and teach you to use) two prongs of coursework in the program to create real change: The Forgotten Framework and Mindset Methods
  • What the 5 steps to mastering the mitochondria are – and how you can leverage all of them for more progress and more sustainability
  • What your individual healing timeline will likely look like
  • The only way to tackle sensitivity, and why restriction is not helping.



The Mitochondria Mastery Process is  only available to members of Mitochondria Mastery and will also be shared with those who attend the session. 

Truly, if you want to learn how to create more innate resilience and put your health back on autopilot, don't miss the session!

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