Ready to hose off your burning symptoms?

The Upper Gastric Bundle


Inside The Upper Gastric Bundle, you'll get everything you need to naturally manage, prevent, and reverse your acid reflux, heartburn, and burning symptoms - without pharmaceuticals.

What if you could *kick* annoying burning symptoms  - for good - within just 3 months? 


Or, let me rephrase that:  

What if, in just under 90 days, you could have more ease at mealtime, without any of the “this is going to hurt” thoughts? 

You’d be at ease because you have a resilient digestive system that doesn’t rely on TUMs or other pharmaceutical band-aids to work...  

...that doesn’t require you to experience painful "my gut is on fire" sensations, and doesn’t make you burp, cramp, or inflame.

And instead of chasing symptom relief and wading through all of the noise coming in on “what to do for your reflux”, you'd feel clarity on how to manage your upper gastric health and how to *permanently* reverse dysfunction.


If you want that reality to be your reality then I’ve got something for you:

After helping hundreds of clients through the process of natural reflux reversal, I’ve packaged everything I know into one program so that you can finally get that gut in ship-shape... 

and good as new.

This is the low-tech, stress-free, BS-free approach to acid reflux.

(And it works.)

This is The Upper Gastric Bundle.

I know, like you probably know, that the whole gut-health-thing is kind of a big deal.

And the proof is in the pudding: people are reversing their burning symptoms by focusing on gut therapies.



While gut health is important and there's a lot of literature to back that up, most people doing gut work out there are flopping and failing.

Only a few people are seeing the fruits of their labors and meaningfully improving their digestive health.

There are far too many people out there making novice mistakes, using the wrong strategies, or the right strategies in the wrong order.


Inside The Upper Gastric Bundle you'll get exactly what you need to build a reflux strategy that allows you to feel better, and to develop a safe natural toolset to use whenever you might need it in the future.


But to get there, you've got to avoid the most common reflux mistakes.


Stomach Acid Mistakes...

"I have too much stomach acid because I have GERD/acid reflux/heartburn."

THE TRUTH: Turns out, acid reflux and heartburn are caused by acid in the wrong places due to a signalling misfire caused by LOW stomach acid. That's right, people with acidic symptoms have too little acid.

"My clean diet will fix my stomach acid."


THE TRUTH: Implementing a nutrient-dense diet - which usually means embracing more quality proteins and fats - can actually be quite dangerous without sufficient stomach acid. Proteins and fats require a higher amount of stomach acid to digest than carbohydrates.

"I can just fix my stomach acid with ACV or an HCl Challenge."

THE TRUTH: These tools are *dangerous* and will result in lots of burning and pain. We need to approach stomach acid correction with strategy to ensure it goes smoothly.

Pancreas and Gallbladder Mistakes...

"Bile has nothing to do with my acid reflux."

THE TRUTH: Bile is foundational to digestion, and its dysfunction can manifest as reflux. Burning symptoms happen when the pH of your digestion is off - and as we talk about inside the program, bile is *central* to your pH.

"There's no way that enzyme shortage could be driving my reflux."

THE TRUTH: Enzymes are needed for every single chemical reaction in the human body, and *especially* for breaking down the proteins in food. When these proteins stay in tact, reflux can often be the result.

Microbiome Mistakes...

"My microbial imbalances in my intestines have nothing to do with my reflux."

THE TRUTH: Reflux indicates low stomach acid, which means your food isn't being properly broken down. That undigested food causes issues at every step of your digestion, including by feeding the bad bugs in your intestines. It's *all* related!

"I've already tried antimicrobials for my reflux and gut issues."

THE TRUTH: Antimicrobials might offer some temporary relief, but they fail to get to the heart of the matter: fixing your ecosystem! Using the microbiome strategies we employ in The Upper Gastric Bundle, we *stop* nuking your gut with kill-agents, and finally get to the root cause of your gut ailments: toxins.


These mistakes are all worrisome.

But, by far, the BIGGEST reflux mistake I see people making over and over again is... 


NOT addressing the *root cause* of their reflux: TOXINS.


This is like trying to fix the water damage caused by a leaky pipe BEFORE you fix the leaky pipe.

The biggest lesson I've learned with clients is that toxin presence matters - and in a HUGE way. 

Why? Because toxins suppress digestive secretions and attract pathogenic microbes, setting the stage for reflux.

This is why we start smart, by addressing your body's toxin obstacles.

Then we bring in symptom management to support you while you lower your toxin load.

As the toxins leave the body the digestive secretions kick back into gear, eventually allowing you to use less and less of the functional support.


This toxin focus is what's missing from so.many.acid.reflux.strategies. and is what sets our approach apart.


Imagine if...


☁️ There was a way to make eating fun and comfortable again while restoring your body's natural function...

☁️ You could get more nutrients out of the foods you're eating right now, without any more painful consequences...

☁️You could eat without needing a handful of TUMs...

☁️You could relax at restaurants or at dinner parties knowing you won't have to excuse yourself to tend to your burning...

☁️You could have all of the above with an enjoyable, repeatable process that makes you healthier and more resilient over time...


All of that's possible inside of The Upper Gastric Bundle.


Join today!


From 2 bowel movements a week to daily healthy stools!

From "dying after meals" to NO stomach issues:

So who made this thing?

Hi, I'm Lucy Nepstad, creator of The Upper Gastric Bundle!

I'm a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who helps autoimmune and digestive clients to get at the root cause of their symptoms through intensive gut and detox work.

You'll find me regularly nerding-out on personality tests, a good David Attenborough doc, weird and ugly animals (I'm looking at you, toads!) - and all things mitochondria.

My greatest joys are my health and freedom— and helping others to reclaim theirs. Let's get you off the couch and into the world. 


This is years in the making! I've translated all of my signature reflux process that I've used in my private practice to help clients see results into easy, convenient online courses - to scale impact and get the material into the hands of those who need it most.


This is what drove me to package my exact step-by-step system that I'm sharing that with you inside The Upper Gastric Bundle. 

With plug-and-play templates, fill-in-the-blank workbooks, video tutorials, and a proven, step-by-step system, I've got you covered.

Heck, even if you're on Prilosec or some other PPI, I can help you with that too!

Mealtime free of burning is within reach.

Let me help you get closer.


Amalie U. says...

"Lucy is incredible! I am in awe of the energy that comes with moving past constant pain, and the freedom that comes from not being afraid of food/eating for the discomfort it may cause. I truly didn't realize how much my unhappy gut was inhibiting my lifestyle until I started to feel better. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support!"

Hanna H. says...

"After testing for mold and heavy metals 5 years ago, I have been searching for help everywhere. I went from doctor to doctor, but each one just put me on a bunch of supplements. I probably spent $5000 or more on these over the years. A few weeks into Lucy's program and I was off of almost all of them and feeling better than I had in years. After years of searching I feel like I finally have hope that I can heal."


Who is The Upper Gastric Bundle for

Obviously, the bundle is for *anyone* who suffers from upper GI distress. But here are the most common ways that distress can manifest:

Burning Symptoms


Miserable at mealtime with GERD, acid reflux, or heartburn? Great! We'll give you what you need to and nix those symptoms with soothing and protective therapies, while we bind the toxins suppressing your stomach acid.

Prilosec and PPIs


On a Proton Pump Inhibitor or other acid blocking medication but worried about the long-term effects? Pending your doctor's approval, we'll walk you through how to safely wean off without symptom fallout and then restore natural function to your stomach.

H. Pylori


Struggle with H. Pylori infection? Or suspect it's there? We'll walk you through testing options, then give you our trusted 4-pronged eradication protocol to get rid of this big bad for good.  

Maybe you want to go out to a restaurant without having to cart a bunch of TUMS with you.

Maybe you've fallen down the google rabbit-hole, and have crowd-sourced tons of info on all things reflux-related, but you still don't know where to get started.

Maybe you want to stop relying on digestive aids to feel normal, but you don't want to be uncomfortable and without a plan.

Maybe you've already overhauled your diet, but you don't understand why you're still on fire - everything still seems to activate your reflux.


None of those should be—or need to be—reasons to not take action.

If you're stuck on where to start…

Or better yet, you want to learn an easy, straight forward system on how to manage and reverse your burning symptoms in 90 days....

The Upper Gastric Bundle is for you. 

What's inside The Upper Gastric Bundle?


Once you join, you're free to go through the program in your own time and in your own way since you have lifetime access.

That means that in just twelve short weeks, you can have that digestion back up and running like a sweet machine.

Inside you'll follow our proprietary B.S.A.F.E. approach to reversing your reflux, which includes four different courses: Funnel Flush, The 7 Day Gut Soothe, Your Personal HCl Challenge, and Energize Your Enzymes.

Complete the first, most foundational step in Funnel Flush, where you'll learn our signature B-Fourmula designed to gently bind and eliminate your body's toxins - so your innate digestive secretions can kick in again.

Then, soothe your inflamed mucosa in The 7 Day Gut Soothe.

Next, learn to rebuild your stomach acid in Your Personal HCl Challenge and augment your enzyme supply in the Energize Your Enzymes mini-course.

Put it all together and you'll have a strategy that *immediately* begins addressing the root cause of your reflux, and layers symptom support strategically.

This way relief can begin within weeks (not months) and only improves as you move through the process.


Here's more on what's involved in each step:




Learn to start tackling your body's toxin load by opening up the drainage funnel, which includes fortifying your bile flow, and elevating your beneficial microbes.

Drainage 101


In Funnel Flush we're opening up your body's drainage funnel so that you can begin to eliminate your toxin backlog.

We'll kick things off by laying down some drainage basics

What's the difference between drainage and detox?

Who are the drainage players?

And how will we support them?

You'll learn about our signature Flush Your Funnel process so you can gain "big picture" confidence in our approach.

The B-Fourmula


Next you'll meet our proprietary toxin drainage support strategy, The B-Fourmula.

This 4-pronged approach covers the:

  • bowels
  • bile
  • binder
  • and biofilm

...for comprehensive drainage support from bottom to top! Including our trusted products, dosing, and guidance for special populations.

After implementing the B-Fourmula you'll finally have a long-term strategy in place for lowering your toxin load, bolstering your natural digestive secretions, and eliminating reflux.

Meet-And-Greet Education Videos


It's important you understand the basis for our toxin-centric approach and how the various organs and systems in the body interact in this context.

We'll do deep-dive education on the five drainage players:

  • The Colon
  • The Liver + Bile
  • The Lymphatic System
  • The Organs + Tissues
  • The Cells

You reflux folks will be especially interested in the bile and colon modules!

By the end, you'll understand exactly how to prioritize these players in service of your gut and greater health.

The Player Assessments


If one of your drainage players is especially dysfunctional, you need to know about it so you can provide the support it needs to get rid of toxins.

Enter: The Player Assessments

You'll take a personalized quiz for each of the five drainage players and use your results to determine whether or not you need to focus extra support in that area.

With the Player Assessments, there's no need to guess on how to provide completely customized support according to your unique needs. You'll know exactly what, why, and how to help yourself.

The Solution Kits


 So, what happens if you use our amazing Player Assessments and find out you need some TLC?

You're going to need our proprietary solution kits! 

Use the Constipation Kit to get your bowels open, the Liver Lover Kit to detox your liver and produce healthy bile, the Charge Up and Flow Kit to move your lymph, and more!

With these easy and effective modalities you'll be pushing out toxins like a boss, no matter where your drainage funnel may be clogged - and your gut resilience will follow suit. 

What they're saying about the drainage strategy inside Funnel Flush...






Client Wins Reported After 1 Month of Drainage:

From colitis to easy digestion:


From hyper-sensitive to hardy and resilient:


From nauseous and insomnia to eating regularly and better sleep:


From no-appetite and POTS to improved GI symptoms and less heart palpitations:


Soothe your mucosa with this easy week-long workshop.

Phase 1: BEFORE

In Phase 1, you'll get acquainted with the 4 tools you'll use intensively during your Gut Soothe: the Success Factors Checklist, the Rate Your State Symptom Tracker, the Mucosa Tea, and the Gut Soother 7 Day Meal Plan.

We'll teach you how to evaluate whether you're actively irritating your mucosa, how to source your ingredients for the mucosa tea, how to log your symptoms, and how to use the done-for-you grocery list inside the meal plan.

Phase 1 gives you everything you need to hit the ground running with your Soothe.

Phase 2: DURING

No one wants to feel overwhelmed by disorganization. In phase 2, you'll learn my best tips and tricks for how to organize your gut soothe, to make it easy and intuitive. I also give you my Suggested Daily Planner Template for how to use all of the moving parts of the soothe together in your routine. All you need to do is plug and play while going about your normal life.

In Phase 2, I'm also bringing you into my kitchen, where I'm walking you through how to make homemade Aloe Vera Extract (Hint: If you struggle with kitchen-ing, this is super easy). Then we'll keep the good times rolling, and I'll walk you through making the Mucosa Tea - or as clients like to call it "the new secret weapon" - from start to finish.

 Praise for The Mucosa Tea:

Phase 3: AFTER

After the work you've put in throughout the week, we're not leaving you to figure out how you went on your own. You're now ready to evaluate your progress! In this phase, I walk you through the Rate Your State Symptom Evaluation Form (the same one I use in my practice) to organize your thinking around this. I share my evaluation strategies to help you pinpoint your next steps, and how to galvanize your progress.

Also, we cover how to continue to implement the powerful strategies you've learned going forward - so you can build momentum when you use the 7 Day Gut Soothe as a launchpad for your health.


Learn to properly acidify your stomach's pH step-by-step.



We'll kick the stomach acid process off by laying a few simple ground rules that have the potential to make or break your success in the process. We'll talk Success Factors, meet the Rate Your State Symptom Tracking System, and introduce you to your Toolkit.

Best of all, you'll be sorted into one of four unique 'types' using our proprietary Upper Gastric Questionnaire to personalize your journey.



Begin your Personal Challenge Process by following your type's Mucosa Repair Procedure, a unique process designed to strengthen and repair the digestive mucosa. This will provide needed symptom relief and prepare your tissue for introducing acid.

We’ll use our popular Mucosa Tea, and a combination of my favorite gut-healing nutrients to do this. You'll also take an easy assessment to make sure you've hit specific benchmarks before you move forward.

Finally, we'll cover how to evaluate your symptoms using Rate Your State so you can make sure you're on track throughout the entire course process.


 Praise for Rate Your State:



In Phase 3 you're taking the major step of introducing Betaine HCl. We don't take this lightly. We'll make sure you know exactly how to make sure you're tolerating it (and what to do if you're not there yet). We’ll also outline the basics for success with this supplement in the How to Use Betaine HCl lesson.



Now that you've confirmed you're able to tolerate Betaine HCl, we have to methodically wean you off your mucosa support – to ensure your tissue is ready for more! But we don’t want you going cold turkey. Instead, we'll teach you both of our unique Weaning Strategies that are the least likely to compromise your progress. (We’ll also cover what to do if you’re not quite ready to wean yet!)



Once you're off the mucosa support, it’s time to move your HCl dose upward to find your Betaine HCl dose. And because this is where many people can go wrong, we take great care in simplifying this process for you. We'll teach you our signature Titration Strategy and use our signature 3 Dosing Questions to help you easily hone in on your baseline dose. We’re getting way more sophisticated than just relying on "burning sensations" here. By the end of this phase you’ll be a master!



You're ready to learn our Dynamic Dosing system. When should you think about increasing your dose? Decreasing?  How much should you change it by? Life is full of variations that require you to understand when you may need to make adjustments, so we’ll talk about all of the most Common Scenarios where a more nuanced touch is needed, with plenty of examples for you to practice.

By the end of this phase you’ll be a stomach acid master!


Learn to augment your body's digestive enzyme supply.



After bile and stomach acid, it's time to focus on the other major secretion type: your enzymes. First, you'll take the Energize Your Enzymes Masterclass. In this 60-minute in-depth teaching, you'll learn why enzymes are crucial for both digestive AND systemic health.

We'll talk theory, physiology, and do literature reviews - but don't worry, I'll use plenty of silly metaphors to make sure it lands.



You've got one more pit stop before you can meaningfully implement enzyme healing strategies: personalization! 

It's here that you'll take our proprietary G.A.P. Questionnaire (G.A.P. stands for Gallbladder and Pancreas). Your results will give you a unique priority which will guide the intensity with which you apply the therapies suggested in the game plan. 

We're stripping away any simplistic, one-size-fit-all ideas, and moving forward with the nuance you deserve as a unique individual.



After the work you've put into understanding *why* you need to take action, now it's time to apply the *how*.

You'll get access to the Energize Your Enzymes Game Plan. The plan contains 5 simple action steps that represent my best, proprietary client strategies to get enzyme systems up and running again - fast.

I share my food, lifestyle, and supplement strategies according to your priority level identified in the G.A.P. questionnaire, to help you hone in on your roadmap. You'll also learn how to track your progress in real time, and to make informed decisions about when to come off of the therapies.

Join today!


More praise from our students...

The Upper Gastric Bundle includes...


✅ 18 modules of learning


✅ Assessments to keep you on track


✅ Fillable workbooks and worksheets

✅ Lifetime access to the courses


✅ Unlimited updates to course content


✅ Bonus courses and trainings

And about those bonuses...


Invest in The Upper Gastric Bundle and you'll get over $8000 in total value to help you heal faster, more easily, and more completely, including the following bonuses:

Detox Therapy Tutorials

Walk-through tutorials on Castor Oil Packs, Dry Brushing, Red Light, and more! 

(a $500 value)

Toxin-Specific Supplement Guides

Covering topics like medicinal mushrooms, fulvic and humic acids, lymphatic supports, and kidney health.

(a $800 value)

Rate Your State

Our signature Symptom Tracking System that makes decision-making easy.

(a $200 value)

The 3 Amigos Masterclass + Probiotic Prowess Protocol

You've never seen probiotics like this: as major detox powerhouses!

(a $400 value)

The Mucosa Tea Recipe + Product Guide

This proprietary and "face meltingly awesome" tea is a staple in the natural reflux cabinet 

(a $200 value)


The Gut Soother + Other Meal Plans

A carefully curated collection of easy, nutrient-dense recipes with a done-for-you grocery list to boot

(a $300 value)


Done-for-you daily planner

 My suggested schedule and go-to organization tips to simplify your protocol implementation

(a $300 value) 

DIY Aloe Vera Extract Tutorial

Easy, potent, and affordable - use this simple method to 10x your progress with this gut superfood

(a $100 value) 

Personal Challenge Process

Our complete proprietary method for finding your Betaine HCl dose.

(a $500 value)

The Dynamic Dosing System

The unique system we developed to personalize and optimize your Betaine HCl dose.

(a $400 value)

Upper Gastric Questionnaire

An comprehensive symptom survey to help personalize your HCl protocol.

(a $300 value)

The Pylori No-More Mini-Course 

My trusty 4-pronged approach for naturally eradicating H. Pylori.

(a $400 value)



But wait! There's more...

When you join The Upper Gastric Bundle today, you'll also get one more bonus (a $200 value):

The Drink Your Zinc Taste Test


Zinc is one of the most important nutrients for strong digestion, and is often low in those with gut trouble.

Use our simple DIY method clients love to assess your status - so that you never have to guess about whether or not you're low! 

A total value of $7000+.

Typically, when purchased separately, The Upper Gastric Bundle would cost:

$444 for Funnel Flush  

+ $197 for The 7 Day Gut Soothe

+ $300 for Your Personal HCl Challenge

+ $150 for Energize Your Enzymes

bringing the total for all four courses to $1091.


But you can get started today for


Save $203 when you bundle!



Got questions? I've got answers.


Don't see your question here? Drop us a line to [email protected] and we'll get your questions answered.

 What's your refund policy?


We know the education in this program alone is worth more than the purchase price.

That being said, we understand this is an investment and we want to put your mind at ease.

You'll have 48 hours after purchase to look around and make sure everything feels like a good fit. If you decide you're not ready, email us within the 48 hour window and we'll issue you a refund, no questions asked. 

After that 48 hours, though, you're stuck with us - but I think you'll find that that's actually a very good thing!

If you've read this far...

You have two options:

Continue to spend more time and energy trying to figure it out on your own...

Or, finally have a proven method for managing and reversing your reflux *naturally* so you can finally kick annoying burning symptoms - permanently.


Imagine where you could be just 1 month from now.


You're ready for smooth and seamless digestion.

You're ready to stop feeling fear at mealtime.

You're ready to start having more food experiences.

You're ready for a way to get back out there without the anxiety of gut symptoms.

You're ready to ditch the burning symptoms while getting healthier and healthier.

You're ready for The Upper Gastric Bundle.

Join today!

Click below to get started.




  • The complete Upper Gastric Bundle ($8,000+ value)
  • Funnel Flush E-Course ($444 when purchased separately)
  • The 7 Day Gut Soothe #-Course ($197 when purchased separately)
  • Your Personal HCl Challenge E-Course ($300 when purchased separately) 
  • Energize Your Enzymes E-Course ($150 when purchased separately)
  • The Drink Your Zinc Taste Test ($200 value)

Save $203 when you bundle!