The safe + natural approach to burning-symptom relief.

Start with a gut soothe, then follow the S.E.E.D. roadmap to reboot your stomach acid, kick the TUMS, and normalize your digestive function.


The 7 Day Gut Soothe

STEP 1: Soothe your digestive mucosa

Get quick, natural acid symptom management!

Kick off your gut journey with our acclaimed week-long workshop where you'll learn to naturally relieve your burning by soothing your most foundational gut structure: the digestive mucosa.

  • Access our proprietary Mucosa Tea recipe

  • Follow our signature gut strengthening meal plan

  • Learn to track your symptoms to assess your progress

  • Get our walk-through of a mucosa sabotaging lifestyle - so you know what not to do







Energize Your Enzymes

STEP 2: Enzyme support

10x your digestion with a simple enzyme boost.

Bridge the gap between your low stomach acid and your need to digest your food with our 5-pronged enzymatic strategy... so you can breathe easy at mealtime again! 😮‍💨

  • Deep-dive teaching on the role of enzymes in digestive and systemic health
  • Assess your unique need for enzymatic support with our proprietary E.Y.E. Questionnaire
  • Follow the easy 5 Step Game Plan to optimize your enzymes
  • Learn our two unique supplement techniques, one for digestion, and one for inflammation

Probiotic Prowess

STEP 3: Elevate your beneficial microbes

Did you know friendly microbes protect against invaders like H. Pylori? They also increase the nutrition from you food, mega-load your enzyme supply, and act as quiet detoxification powerhouses.

Your stomach acid will be back up and roaring in no time after you use our proprietary Probiotic Prowess strategy - now housed inside of Funnel Flush!

  • Access The 3 Amigos Masterclass for a deep-dive teaching

  • Follow our 5-step Probiotic Prowess Protocol to learn diet, lifestyle, and supplement strategy

  • Learn the 3-pronged supplement strategy that minimizes reactions and maximizes therapeutic value.








Funnel Flush

STEP 4: Drain and detoxify your tissue

Ready to get to the root cause of low digestive secretions?

Then you're ready to open up your body's drainage funnel so that secretion-suppressing toxins can finally leave the body and digestion can come roaring back to life!

  • Learn to bind toxins that suppress your stomach acid with The B-Fourmula.
  • Get 7 x meet-and-greet education teachings for each drainage organ
  • Take personalized assessments to learn your support needs for each drainage system
  • Get comprehensive solutions kits for every level of drainage
  • Learn easy next steps for your detox journey!

What customers are saying...

“'I was on Nexium for about 4 years and saw my digestion get worse and worse while on it. I decided to try your program and lord am I glad I did! Getting off of that stuff has really changed me.. My wife says the color in my face has come back, I've lost a good amount of belly weight. And I can digest meat again without paying for it later. Thanks Lucy! Your heaven sent.”

-Dave B.

“My digestion has never worked this good!!!! That mucosa tea stuff has been a game-changer. I have had no stomach pain since I was on it.”

-Andy M.

"Lucy, I am in awe of what I'm learning in this course! I feel like it's all stuff that I'm familiar with but that I've never known how to put together. Thank you for putting so much thought into this and for creating clarity for people like me. I'm so appreciative!"

-Heather D.