The most comprehensive root cause education you'll ever need.

This easy, affordable, no BS ticket to our complete library of acclaimed coursework¬†will¬†show you exactly how to¬†move through addressing¬†your root cause like a pro ‚ÄĒ and¬†how to build a lifelong set of healing tools you can use to cultivate¬†true resilience.


Before I tell you all about this pass, let's talk about who this is really for...

Class Pass is for health seekers just like you!

You have no shortage of motivation.

But you're tired of throwing your dollars at random health "tricks" and you're ready to build a wellness plan that impacts you in a hey, did you do something to your hair? You look really great today kind of way.

You're ready for a framework that leads to tangible progress that you can feel and touch, and you're ready for it yesterday.


Whether you're...

‚ėĎÔłŹ¬†A serial health-consumer who's reached a very real ceiling, and you know down in your bones the mitochondria are your ticket to freedom, resilience, and a rich life.

‚ėĎÔłŹ A chronic illness warrior with the heart of an adventurer.¬†You're so tired of being confined to your couch - you know you're capable of way¬†more if you just had the right tools.

‚ėĎÔłŹ A budding health enthusiast who wants to build a health strategy the right way¬†with mitochondria at the center (and side-step the restrictive diet traps and extreme biohacking).

You're in the right place!

Class Pass will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to creating and implementing your roadmap back to health. 

And I'll prove it! (Keep scrolling, my friend.)

By the end of this program you will have...

Nailed down your root cause

based on the symptoms you already have and what optional testing can show (so you can stop stalling over where to start).

Pre-toxed your detox with drainage

before tackling a single toxin, to make sure your body is capable of eliminating waste, all while giving yourself an enjoyable self-care regimen.

Developed a lifelong cleansing strategy

that reliably removes the most common culprits of gut trouble and chronic symptoms from the body.

Expertly implemented mitochondrial boosting lifestyle tweaks

even if you’re a total newbie to a healthy lifestyle, have a teensy budget, or have never done a single bio-hack in your entire life.

Refined your mindset, and pinpointed your blocks

making you more resilient to stress and the emotional toll of the healing journey in a way that centers intuition and the heart.

Crafted your roadmap back to health

and post-roadmap maintenance plans to amplify your progress and make sure your hard-earned results have the best possible chance to grow.

But above all else…

Class Pass¬†will build your own knowledge¬†so you can not only¬†heal yourself... you can go out into the world¬†and¬†share this information to improve the health of¬†your family, your friends, and your community.¬†‚ô•ÔłŹ

How does Class Pass compare?


You only want to do this root cause thing once…And you want to knock it out of the park the first time.

So don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Students Success Stories

Nelia C.

Skin Rashes, Under Weight, Appetite Issues

 "I'm just so grateful to Lucy and the GutsyGreen team for putting these programs together. I was so sick before I started... and I was starting to doubt if I would ever get better but within a week of starting the program, my mom said I was like a different person. I feel that way as well and I feel hopeful for the first time in my life that I might actually be ablate become healthy, stay healthy, and have a quality of life I previously thought impossible."

Tyler M.

Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Digestive Distress

"Some exciting news... I'm building a brick sauna house! I've already poured the foundation and started laying bricks and will have it done in the net few weeks. I wanted to send you a pic because while it's really fun and tons of work, I am truly blown away that I am able to do it. I would not have been able to work this type of project before starting your program."

Kelsey A.

Gas, Bloating, Food Sensitivities

"I love the course. Very informative and easy to understand. You’re a great instructor and ahead of your time with shedding light on the importance of toxin removal for gut health."


Natalia M.

Ulcer, Appetite Issues, Chronic Infections

"I had to deal with a number of functional practitioners here in the UK, I can confidently state that your protocol is second to none. Nobody I met so far in the UK has such a deep and holistic understanding of gut healing."

Amalie U.

Gut Pain, Sensitivity, Digestive Distress

"Lucy is incredible... she has this motivating energy that makes you excited to learn and bring about healing positive change... She's helped to alleviate the bloating and abdominal cramping I have lived with for years. I am in awe of the energy that comes with moving past constant pain, and the freedom that comes from not being afraid of food/eating for the discomfort it may cause. I truly didn't realize how much my unhappy gut was inhibiting my lifestyle until I started to feel better. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support!"

Abigail L.

Chronic Constipation 

"It's been a week since I started... and it's already reversed my worst digestive symptom --a cycle of three to four days of constipation follower by a painful episode of diarrhea. (Please forgive the TMI) I'd only had two bowel movement in the week prior.

 Thanks to your product recommendations and dosing guidelines, I had EIGHT ideal bowel movements this week... Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

7 root cause courses

from rebuilding the mucosa to parasite cleaning, our coursework shows you literally EVERYTHING you need to do to turn your symptoms into a successful root cause roadmap that will be a cinch to implement.

Next level protocols, templates, and resources

our tried and true library will amplify your results and 10x your success.

The Core Clear Cleanse Method

to make sure you never spend another dollar on a fad diet again. Instead get a streamlined package of diet, lifestyle, and energy balanced products and therapies.

A complete, step-by-step roadmap

showing you how to pre-tox (before tackling a single toxin!) and how to create a lifelong cleansing strategy that reliably (and sustainably) removes gut troubles and chronic inflammatory symptoms for good.



Why you deserve to be super-human healthy...


A whopping 6 in 10 Americans now suffer from at least 1 chronic illness...

...but we also now have over 60,000+ studies linking mitochondrial dysfunction with most chronic disease (according to PubMed.)

That means leveraging¬†your mitochondria¬†‚Äď right now ‚Äď is a REALLY good idea.

The pharmaceutical industry is working day and night to generate new drug-based therapies that focus on the mitochondria.

But you don't need to wait for a patentable drug (that will probably never come, but that's another topic).

We have proven therapies you can implement right now to reliably turn things around at the cellular level.

It’s YOUR time and YOUR year to create a seismic shift in your health.

What's more? Your body is likely already wildly craving the changes it needs. It's as easy as itching a scratch.

There has truly never been a better time to get in on the action and help your poor cells out using solutions that feel like self-care.

Maybe you don‚Äôt feel like a ‚Äúhealth nut‚ÄĚ or you‚Äôre tempted to doubt that you can heal. Been there.

Class Pass¬†was created to slowly but surely replace those doubts with data-backed action. CP¬†will show you step-by-step how to bring a balanced body ‚Äď and that deep-down nudge that you already have everything you need to heal¬†‚Äď into reality.

No more second-guessing. No more procrastination. No more ‚Äúifs, ands, or buts.‚ÄĚ You can create the life you want while, at the same time, having fun along the way and gaining a comprehensive toolset you can use to impact your own community.

Wanna know who sees success in this world of mitochondria?

It‚Äôs not the smartest, most motivated, disciplined, resourceful, or most ‚Äúexpert‚ÄĚstudents. It‚Äôs the ones willing to try, learn, fall down a few times, and get back up because they‚Äôre committed to going deep and building a wellness routine¬†that sustainably integrates¬†into their life and value-system.

You deserve to achieve super-human health status, friend. And I’m here to walk alongside you, every step of the way.
Should you choose to say YES to your inevitable success, I personally guarantee that these next weeks and beyond will be completely and utterly life-changing.

I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside Class Pass!

ALL my best,

In Class Pass, we tackle the three problem Ps


Systematically, step-by-step, as easy as 1 2 3.

But with the courses inside of Class Pass...

...You'll use The Core Clear Cleanse Method as a roadmap back to health (and to knock out those three problem Ps for good).

a $1397 value

Inside of Mitochondria Mastery, you'll get...


...The same coursework I typically reserve for my private clients only: two unique frameworks for how to cope with the diverse stresses of modern life:


How do we support our mitochondria in modernity?


Enter: The Forgotten Framework.

12 weeks of fundamental lessons on supporting your cellular health through the lens of evolution.

Simple lifestyle tweaks backed by literature reviews.


What are the most common emotional blocks to healing?


Tackle your blocks head on in Mindset Methods.

How we think and process our emotions is profoundly different now than ever before as we face chronic stress without reprieve.

With 12 mindset concepts, guided meditations, and journalling prompts, you'll have everything you need to keep clear and in control.


WEEK 1: What's at the root of your health problems?

  • Discover what root cause medicine actually is and how it's different from most approaches (in a good way).
  • Learn about the¬†Functional Blood Chemistry Cheat Sheet and how we use it.
  • Learn what to expect over the next 12 weeks.¬†
  • Mindset Methods: Learn how to Create a Ritual For Success.

WEEK 2: Nourish Your Cells 

  • Learn how we can eat to support the mitochondria.¬†
  • Get access to a complete library of dietary handouts, meal plans, tips and tricks that you can use whenever you need them in the future.
  • Get briefed on special diet considerations according to your unique root cause.
  • Mindset Methods: Release Your Limiting Beliefs¬†using the beautiful Ho'oponopono prayer.

WEEK 3: Coming Home To Nature 

  • Discover the physical and non-physical benefits natural environments can have for our cells.
  • Learn which practices to implement for the highest pay off.¬†
  • Receive our Bio-Hacking Resource Guide explaining how to maximize these healing stimuli.
  • Mindset Methods: A crowd-favorite Mindset Methods lesson teaches you How To Cultivate Negative Capability.

WEEK 4: Sunlight - The Lost Nutrient

  • Learn our framework for looking critically at your modern light environment.¬†
  • Access a client-favorite talk on the True cause of chronic Vitamin D deficiency.¬†
  • Gain access to the Red Light Resource Guide and Red Light Budget Hack Tutorial.
  • Mindset Methods: Learn how we can leverage physics and quantum physics in the Everything is Energy lesson.¬†

WEEK 5: Is Your Sleep Sound? 

  • Learn about the broader sleep trends over the last 60 years, the literature about sleep deprivation, and the brain's sleep-dependent detoxification system.
  • Walk step-by-step through the Nighttime Routine Checklist so you can optimize your sleep.
  • Mindset Methods: Focus on rest and relaxation by using the Allow Yourself to Rest Guided Meditation¬†in the bath, and get our signature Relax in the Bath detoxification recipe.

WEEK 6: The Right and The Wrong Kinds of Stress 

  • Learn to modify the deleterious impacts that stress and trauma have on your nervous system using the C.A.T. method.¬†
  • Identify the "good" kinds of stress, and use your bloodwork to time their introduction into your life.¬†
  • Mindset Methods: Explore your pain and How To Find Purpose in Your Pain.¬†

WEEK 7: Move It or Lose It  

  • Learn to think about being in motion on both a macro and micro scale, and the two theories¬†on vascular movement.¬†
  • Personalize your exercise routine and facilitate movement at a cellular level.
  • Mindset Methods: Practice The Art of Drawing Boundaries.

WEEK 8: Air And Flow 

  • Learn to tackle the toxin exposures you face in¬†your air quality.
  • Discover the proper order to address toxin exposure, informed by the survival priorities of the body.¬†
  • Address common air pollutants with our 8-step framework for cleaning up the air in your environment.
  • Mindset Methods: audit yourself for negative self-talk, and implement strategies for Speaking Lovingly to Yourself.

WEEK 9: What Is Truly Clean Water?

  • Learn how water is the most important leverage point for fungal issues like Candida.
  • Implement our simple + affordable trusted water solution.¬†
  • Mindset Methods: Reclaim Your Power¬†by examining how you may have been giving it away in the past. Dive deep into this topic with a special bonus lesson on Extreme Ownership.

WEEK 10: The Source And The Soil 

  • Learn why a soil-centered sourcing strategy means a healthier planet and a healthier you.¬†
  • Discover low toxin food-systems like regenerative agriculture and what they mean for your cellular health.¬†
  • Mindset Methods: Awaken Joy¬†and pleasure in your life, starting with loving where you are.

WEEK 11: Getting Comfortable In Your Skin

  • Learn to open your skin drainage using our 3-step sweat protocol.¬†
  • Get walk-through tutorials on how to audit your personal and home items in this module.¬†
  • Mindset Methods: Tune In To Your Authentic Desires as we begin to think of life beyond the program.

WEEK 12: Frequency And Cells  

  • Learn how man-made EMFs are increasingly harder to avoid in our environments and why it matters.
  • Implement our trusted EMF protective practices to help ward off negative impacts.
  • Mindset Methods: Complete an interactive exercise Building Bridges¬†to get comfortable with taking imperfect action as you move forward post-program.

By the end of Mitochondria Mastery, you'll...


‚úĒÔłŹ Have crafted a simple cell-friendly lifestyle routine in just 12 weeks.

‚úĒÔłŹ Have a¬†clear understanding of what factors impact your¬†mitochondria and how to leverage them.

‚úĒÔłŹ Have a complete toolset for managing your emotions¬†in a way that promotes healing.

‚úĒÔłŹ Have¬†a clear framework for how to¬†lower your daily toxin¬†exposures and how to prioritize what to do first.

Inside of Funnel Flush, you'll get...


Everything you need to DIY your drainage pathways in 30 days, so you can finally poo twice a day (everyday), have super-human energy, and digest like a boss.



Let's DIY Your Drainage!

We'll kick things off by laying down some drainage basics.

What's the difference between drainage and detox?

Who are the drainage players?

And how will we support them?

You'll get to know all about our signature Flush Your Funnel process so you can feel confident and competent in our approach.


Here you'll meet our signature DIY drainage supplement strategy, The B-Fourmula.

This 4-pronged approach covers the:

  • bowels
  • bile
  • binder
  • and biofilm

...for comprehensive drainage support from bottom to top! Including our trusted products, dosing, and guidance for special populations.


Here we kick off our drainage player education with a look at what exactly drives chronic gut issues (hint: it's not the microbes).

We'll talk about the need to reframe our thinking on the gut to be more aligned with a root cause paradigm.

You'll take The Colon Assessment to determine your unique need for colon support, then implement the solutions in our proprietary Constipation Kit accordingly.

With walk-through videos on breathwork, ilocecal valve massage, and meal plans to make you poo, you'll be eliminating like a boss by the end!


Here we're taking you through all three phases of liver detoxification and emphasizing the central role that the bile plays with them all!

You'll take The Liver + Bile Assessment and use the tried and true Liver Lover Solutions Kit to address your findings.

What place do modalities like castor oil and fat selection have to in liver health? By the end of this module you'll know!


"How does the lymph system move?" The answer may surprise you.

We'll explore the prevailing theories on this subject and then cover comprehensive strategy that accounts for all sides of the issue in the signature Charge Up and Flow Solutions Kit.

Dry Brush or Rebounding or Red Light or none? You'll use The Lymphatic Assessment to guide the implementation of your perfect lymph routine.


While all organs and tissues are important in drainage, we'll focus on the auxiliary drainage systems: the brain and kidneys.  

The brain's glymphatic system can be supported using our tested solutions in The Drain Your Brain Kit, while the kidneys' filtering processes require more gentle care inside The Kidney Care Kit.

The Brain and Kidney + Bladder Assessments will help you understand to what extent you need to apply concepts like medicinal mushrooms, proteolytic enzymes, and electrolyte support.


The organelles in our cells called "the mitochondria" serve as the power source for healing!

Learn about their origin story and the fundamental building blocks that nourish them in The Mighty Mitochondria Kit.

Do you understand the Krebs Cycle? The electron transport chain? Doing so will uncover a need to support the oft-overlooked concept of negative charge in the body.

Use The Cellular Assessment to judge your own needs for practices like earthing and hormetic stress.



Now that your entire drainage funnel is open and moving waste like a sweet machine, you're ready to think of what comes next.

Open drainage is just the beginning!

We'll walk you through a few ways to continue your journey through the Mitochondria Mastery Map: a couple of DIY ways and one amazing TLC way.

After this module, you'll know exactly where to go from here with your new toolset so you don't lose momentum.

 By the end of Funnel Flush, you'll...


‚úĒÔłŹ Have regular bowel eliminations

‚úĒÔłŹ Have a body that can support toxin elimination (no road bumps!)

‚úĒÔłŹ Have a foundational understanding of core root cause principles and modalities

‚úĒÔłŹ Have learned the most important detox supportive therapies that you can carry with you *for life*

a $999 value

Inside of Passengers, you'll get...


Everything you need to cleanse your critters in 8 weeks and maintain beyond: an ancient toolset for the modern world.



In Phase 1, you'll develop your knowledge on all things parasites: what are they? why do we need to cleanse? what should we expect? and what should our goals be?

You'll learn about The Hallmark Parasite Symptom Wave Pattern, The Toxin-Parasite Relationship, The Drainage-Emotional Connection, and How The Ancients Utilized Cleansing to better their health.

Then we'll meet your Parasite Cleansing Toolkit, and we personalize this toolkit based on your results from our signature Parasite Questionnaire. I'll walk you through getting started with my top-choice products that I've had success with in practice for years‚ÄĒeven if you're sensitive!


No one wants to waste time during cleansing, so in phase 2, you'll learn strategies to cleanse in the order your body wants to remove critters with The Gut-to-Systemic Intensive Cleansing Method.

You'll start by cleansing the gut with part 1 of the protocol, and learn how to 10x your cleansing results with our Parasite Cleansing Dietary Strategy, our Full Moon Tweaks, and our Identification Strategies.

In Phase 2, I also introduce you to part 2 of the cleanse: our Systemic Protocol so you can take your results to the next level. (Hint: If you struggle with parasites, there's a pretty slim chance they're just in your gut.)


The magic of parasite cleansing makes it possible for you to keep making progress on your toxin load, even when you’re finished with the inital intensive clean out. And, in Phase 3, you'll put everything in place to make it happen.

Inside, I help you:

  • Choose whether you need to keep cleansing for a few weeks, or move on to "clean up"
  • Choose the best Toxin Clean Up Protocol to meet your needs
  • Set maintenance cleansing goals with the Full Moon to stay on top of your new baseline
  • Create your post-cleanse toolset to bring into your wellness routine,¬†without¬†anyone else's help

Not strong in self-motivation? No worries, because you can plug into regular Full Moon Challenges in our community to keep you accountable and make the process fun and easy!


After the work of the previous three phases, you're now ready to *master* cleansing!

In this phase, I give you my client-favorite Pulse Dosing Schedule(the same one I use in my practice!) to help you reach new levels in cleansing without stressing the body like crazy.

I share High Dose Challenge strategies to help you build momentum as you move through the tiers of maintenance (no post-cleanse fizzle here!), and I show you how to capitalize on your results by leveraging Alternative Products. With the strategies we teach in Phase 4, you'll reach parasite cleansing guru-status. 

 By the end of Passengers, you'll...


‚úĒÔłŹ Have a gut that works like a well-oiled machine

‚úĒÔłŹ Have¬†removed the most¬†concentrated toxin sources in the body

‚úĒÔłŹ Have¬†rebalanced your immune system

‚úĒÔłŹ Have learned¬†a cleansing toolset and framework you can carry with you for life

You'll also get access to our private community: The Class Pass Community


The Class Pass Community is one of the best parts (and well worth the cost of the entire program).

Housed inside Kajabi (not Facebook!), Class Pass Community is a great resource for support and solidarity (not to mention coaching and accountability from me).

Some practitioners¬†jump ship after they enroll you in a program ¬†‚ÄĒ not me.¬†I keep showing up and¬†providing tips, guidance, and strategies‚ÄĒwhenever needed.

That means that as you build your mitochondria prowess, you don't have to go it alone. I'll be there, as well as your other fellow healers!

Stuck with detox symptoms? Need help identifying something you passed? Struggling with a certain concept or with sticking with a protocol? No fear. I'll be here! (Inside Class Pass Community.)

Inside of Class Pass Community, you'll...


‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Get unlimited support from Lucy.

‚úĒÔłŹ Access¬†additional resources and coaching from your peers.

‚úĒÔłŹ Plug-in to monthly Full Moon Challenges.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Share wins and pictures to keep motivated.

And that's not all...

Join Class Pass today and you'll also get:


a $147 value



Learn to leverage binders to spark your mitochondria, bolster your nutrient stores, and neutralize runaway inflammation.



a $197 value



Inside of Probiotic Prowess, you'll gain access to the client favorite The 3 Amigos Masterclass, a 60 minute in-depth teaching on how to use probiotics to detoxify, create synergy, and restore health at the gut and systemic level.

You'll also get The Probiotic Prowess Protocol, with our proprietary 3-tiered supplement strategy to get your microbiome in ship-shape - fast.





Inside The 7 Day Gut Soothe©, you'll get everything you need to ease gut burning symptoms and heal your mucosa - in just 7 days!

(Hose off your gut fire naturally and without pharmaceuticals. #nomoreTUMS)

a $247 value





Inside, you'll get everything you need to support your enzyme secretions for healthier digestion that doesn't leave you bloated and inflamed.

a $297 value

Get started today for just $97!


Got Questions?

Don't see your question? Write to us at [email protected]¬†and we'll get you sorted!

Grab the Class Pass that works best for you:


DIY Monthly

$97 per month

Cancel Anytime

1 x payment of $97 gives you 1 Month's access to:

  • The Mitochondria Mastery¬†Coursework, including the Forgotten Framework + Mindset Methods (a $1397 value)
  • The Funnel Flush E-Course (a $444 value)
  • The Passengers E-Course¬†(a $888 value)
  • The Class Pass¬†Community (a $999 value)
  • The 4 Bonus Courses and Trainings:¬†The Art of Binding,¬†Probiotic Prowess,¬†The 7 Day Gut Soothe, and¬†Energize Your Enzymes¬†(a $900+ value)¬†







DIY Yearly


*most popular*

1 x payment of $497 gives you one year's access to:

  • The Mitochondria Mastery¬†Coursework, including the Forgotten Framework + Mindset Methods (a $1397 value)
  • The Funnel Flush E-Course (a $444 value)
  • The Passengers E-Course¬†(a $888 value)
  • The Class Pass¬†Community (a $999 value)
  • The 4 Bonus Courses and Trainings:¬†The Art of Binding,¬†Probiotic Prowess,¬†The 7 Day Gut Soothe, and¬†Energize Your Enzymes¬†(a $900+ value)¬†

+ a 10% off discount at CellCore

+ a FREE Root Cause Blood Work Report with a personalized roadmap from Lucy *

 *must be used within 30 days of purchase


Pay yearly and save $667!


1-on-1 with Lucy



1 x payment of $1997 gives you Forever access to:

  • The Mitochondria Mastery¬†Coursework, including the Forgotten Framework + Mindset Methods (a $1397 value)
  • The Funnel Flush E-Course (a $444 value)
  • The Passengers E-Course¬†(a $888 value)
  • The Class Pass¬†Community (a $999 value)
  • The 4 Bonus Courses and Trainings:¬†The Art of Binding,¬†Probiotic Prowess,¬†The 7 Day Gut Soothe, and¬†Energize Your Enzymes¬†(a $900+ value)¬†

+ a 15% off discount at CellCore 

+ a FREE Root Cause Blood Work Report with a personalized roadmap from Lucy *

 *must be used within 30 days of purchase 

+ a three-month 1-on-1 package with Lucy.