Healthy cells, healthy you.

Leverage the power of detox to prop up your mitochondria - so that you have energy anytime, every time, all the time.


Start with our acclaimed training:


"The Art of Binding"


Learn to leverage binders to kickstart detoxification, spark the mitochondria, rebuild nutrient stores, and neutralize runaway inflammation.


We use bio-carbon binders in every.single.step. of The Mitochondria Mastery Map! This no-brainer, inexpensive baby step will serve as the gateway to your healing.

Root Cause Bloodwork Reports

Pinpoint your unique root cause and create your bio-individual roadmap

Ready to forge a tailored pathway back to health?

Then you're ready for our Root Cause Bloodwork Reports where we'll decode your data into a customized plan.

Best yet? Most folks already have the bloodwork they need from the doctor's office, so there's no need to buy anymore expensive tests.

Your Roadmap awaits! 

  • 30 + pages of teachings, data breakdowns, personal suggestions, and more
  • The Toxicity Questionnaire uses our signature symptom survey to uncover your toxicities
  • Your Top 5 Priorities in the exact order they should be addressed
  • Root Cause Bloodwork Glossary so you understand what's at play
  • Access Lucy's expertise without the commitment or price tag of 1-on-1 work.






Funnel Flush

Start with a pre-tox and DIY your drainage

Drainage is the first, most foundational step of detox, you'll bring it along with you through every other step on the map.

Learn to open all 5 levels of your drainage funnel so that you can move your body's trash out with ease.

  • Learn to bind toxins that suppress your mitochondria with The B-Fourmula.
  • Get 7 x meet-and-greet deep dive education teachings for each drainage organ
  • Take personalized assessments to learn your unique support needs for each drainage system
  • Get comprehensive solutions kits for getting every level of drainage back online fast
  • Learn easy next steps for your detox journey!

Mitochondria Mastery

Get the 1-on-1 support you need as you move through the entire map

Needing a little TLC?

Enter our signature coaching program for those ready to dive deep and address their health at the most foundational level: the cell.

In simple terms: we're talkin' #deepdetox

  • Deep-dive teachings on simple ways to prop your mitochondria up
  • Functional Bloodwork Report¬†to help pinpoint your unique root cause
  • Meditations and journaling prompts to keep you clear and focused
  • 1-on-1 session with Lucy¬†and personalized root cause protocols