Hi! I’m Lucy.


I'm not one of those caped-crusaders in the wellness sphere who equates taking your health seriously to holing up on your couch, buying 10 cats, and cashing in the idea of an experience-rich life.

Don't get me wrong - I understand first hand just how much a chronic condition can be a major buzzkill.

But instead of saddling you with limitations, let's get to the root causeof what's ailing you, so you can think more about what lights you up in this life.

It all started with me leaving my dream-job in Bali, Indonesia.


One day I was settling on the perfect name for my beloved scooter (Aduh Biru!), worrying about salt water rusting out my laptop from working on the beach so much, and happily toiling long hours with a local non-profit advocating for low-emissions policy...

...and the next I was panic-flying to Singapore to be diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions.

You know the feeling.

You’re trying to embrace that dragon energy and live your freakin’ truth, about to step into a place of beautiful possibility, when a health curveball gets thrown…

Happens to the best of us.

And whether it happened to you last week or last millennium, it’s easy to find yourself face to face with thoughts like these:


“Welp, you’ve had your fun. Now you’re done. It’s time to go do nothing else but 'focus on your health', and never go anywhere, or experience adventure. Ever. Again.”



If I were a stately American Woodcock -

(as I often imagine myself to be)

- now’s where I would command your attention by climbing atop my log and letting out a ferocious “PEENT”, before swaggering into a hypnotic and maniacal aerial mating dance.



Because if you have a chronic illness, but you want to be out there...


…I’m your bird.

What if - like me - you have an autoimmune condition, yet your spirit animal is the elusive ping-pong ball?


Bouncing around abroad was always my natural way.

 I spent my 20s hanging out at various field sites in the developing world, studying wildlife populations and sustainable agriculture systems.

Living my best life!

Having to kiss all of that goodbye and head from Bali home to my couch as the health issues I’d been dealing with for years culminated in some Lupus-esque-shadowy-thing…

…was a shrinking feeling.

Like finding a prized wool sweater that crept into the laundry and came out of the dryer 5 inches small (when will I learn?). 

I didn’t know then what I know now about the life-changing impact that giving two hoots (πŸ¦‰πŸ¦‰) about gut health - and implementing targeted diet and lifestyle interventions - can have.

wish now that I could take past-me by the hand and say:


 “There, there, little poodle🐩… There’s a way to have both: rich and diverse experiences and great health. Spontaneity is just a few steps away.


To be fair, taking a break to recalibrate, to build the toolset you need to best support your health going forward is never a bad thing.

And, truly, I learned so much during the 2 years after my diagnosis that I spent chilling "on my couch”.



I also naturally managed my autoimmunity into remission, without the use of any medications, using the methods that I now teach.


Cut to one day, two years later, and I found myself feeling better.than.ever., with normal-ass bloodwork, and an easy maintenance routine, when a sudden surge of possibility hit me like a brick:

‘Maybe it’s time to think about… venturing out, off of the couch, again?’

I can’t tell you what the reality of that thought meant to me, and can mean for you too. 

Turns out, throwing the peace sign up at my previous iteration of an adventurous life actually allowed me to tap into a new and more authentic place.

Where excitement was less about PUSH PUSH PUSH and more about shush shush shush.

Tending to myself first and foremost has meant connecting, understanding, and serving on a higher level than I ever have before, because I’m strong and healthy enough to do so.

I started GutsyGreen because I saw the need to provide the people who are juggling an autoimmune condition with grabbing life by the horns🀘a set of natural solutions that they can implement themselves.


On GutsyGreen you’ll find flexible, convenient, and easy to understand resources that you can use to empower yourself: in depth E-Courses, articles, videos, and more.

Notches on my belt.


🟒 Master of Functional Blood Chemistry (MBCE)


🟒 Certified Restorative Wellness Practitioner Level 1


🟒 Certified Functional Nutrtional Therapy Practitioner #4463


🟒 Master of Science in Natural Resources Science and Management - University of Minnesota


🟒 Bachelor of Science in Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation - University of Washington Seattle

I'm so glad you found my corner of the internet! 


While you're here, I hereby formally invite you to go ahead and pop your shoes-iez off, get in your comfy pants, and sniff around.