Learn to leverage binders to kick-start your detox journey, spark your mitochondria, bolster your nutrient stores, and neutralize runaway inflammation.

Join me inside this bite-sized mini-course to discuss my all.time.favorite.topic. 

--not hyperbole--



Even though I don't know you, we've never met...

...I can tell you that if you're anything like my clients and students, then you are completely over-looking, misunderstanding, and under-utilizing binders in your health.

In this in-depth teaching, I'll show you why:

  • binders are the answer if you're right at the beginning of detox and want more bang for your buck
  • binders are easy and *fun* to implement
  • binders nourish and repair your body while they tackle your toxin load
  • the science on these babies is undeniable

And, by the way, my friend, we are absolutely NOT talking about charcoal. 🙄

Most folks, if they know about binders, tend to think of charcoal or clay.

And while it's true that charcoal and clay can be moderately useful...

...it's sort of like using an old broom to clean up a toxic mess. 

❌ it's inefficient

❌ it doesn't work very well

❌ and if you're not careful you'll cause more damage than you fix


There's a much wiser and more ancient way to bind.

And it makes charcoal look like child's play.




I'm talking about Bio-Carbons, of course!


If charcoal is like an old, leaky, inefficient broom...

...then bio-carbons are the high-powered vacuum.

✅ They're packed with energy

✅ They clean diversely and comprehensively

✅ They nourish and protect while they clean


Bio-Carbons are the ultimate healing Swiss Army Knife, and they're what I've built my entire Root Cause practice around.

Hey! I'm Lucy.

I've worked with hundreds of clients and students on getting to the root of their health issues.

Using The Mitochondria Mastery Map, we strategically move through an order of operations that honors the healing priorities of the body. 

I'll be hosting you in The Art of Binding Mini-Course, where I'm so excited to share everything I know about these amazing Bio-Carbon substances.

I have been SO impacted by these substances, both personally and through working with others, that I felt called to widely share this with folks who I may not get the opportunity to work with, but who *deserve* to understand these principles.


In my opinion, this information is so fundamental that it should be taught in high school health class. But since that's not the world we live in... this low-cost mini-course is my answer.

I basically consider it my duty to share this with you. 🫡

 Around here, we utilize a Bio-Carbon binder with every.single.client. in every.single.step. of The Mitochondria Mastery Map.

^^That's because bio-carbons have a robust body of literature behind them. And their utility is incredibly *diverse*.

👉 They can bind a wide breadth of toxins, and they lower levels in the body faster than any other substance

👉 They increase nutrient stores and convert unusable nutrients to usable ones

👉 They have the ability to halt and reverse inflammation... in fact, pharmaceutical companies have tried to synthesize these in the lab for years but the molecules are so complex they have not been successful--lucky us!

👉 They can transmute heavy metals into safer forms so that the body can finally deal with them

👉 They bolster cellular respiration in the mitochondria which translates to more ATP and more energy

We actually have hundreds of studies illustrating that bio-carbons show therapeutic efficacy for a wide range of conditions

  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Mineral Deficiencies
  • Muscle Building
  • Mineral Toxicities
  • Endotoxin inflammation from pathogenic bacteria
  • Antioxidant depletion
  • Slow wound healing
  • Arthritis
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Cancers such as
    • Breast
    • Liver
    • Colorectal
    • Leukemia
    • General cancer protection
  • Colonic imbalances
  • Gut disorders and dysbioses
  • Blood sugar disorders and Diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Immune insufficiencies
  • Immunocompromised populations
  • Toxicities such as:
    • pesticide + glyphosate
    • ammonia
    • inorganic minerals
    • heavy metals
    • xenobiotics
    • PFOS
    • mycotoxins
    • plastics
    • organic chemicals
    • petroleum products
    • DDT
  • Inflammatory disorders
  • Histamine Issues
  • Mast Cell Issues
  • Infections such as:
    • Staph aureus
    • Pseudomonas spp.
    • Klebsiella spp.
    • yeasts like Candida albicans
    • parasite spp.
  • Viruses such as:
    • HIV
    • Herpes
    • Influenza
    • Coxsackie
    • SARS
    • Vaccinia
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction

But, just because there's *a bunch* of strong science that assigns "miracle status" to these magical substances called bio-carbons...

...doesn't mean this is all about "science".

After all, the course is called "The ART of Binding".

(Not the science of binding, though it certainly could be.)

Rather, it's useful to understand that these substances approximate ancient healing mechanisms to which our bodies have evolved to be exposed. 

In short? These bio-carbons harness the gentle power of the soil.

And, like all of the most gratifying and fulfilling parts of life, we don't understand every.single.aspect. of how they work.

That's part of their magic!

Which you'll see... when you join me inside.

"OK, so what's inside of The Art of Binding?"

Here's what we'll cover...

What do we mean by "binder"?


We'll kick things off by clarifying our agenda, and providing some much needed context for why "binding" is our focus.

We'll also outline the difference between traditional binders like charcoal and the bio-carbon binders we'll focus on in the mini-course. 

What are bio-carbons?


This may seem like a simple, straight-forward question, but answering it, as we'll see, is actually quite complex.

That's because these bio-carbon molecules are complex, which is part of the reason they have such special abilities.

We'll give you a handful of definitions to choose from, while exploring how these substances have been present in our environment throughout our ancestral history -- and why they tend to be absent today. You'll also get everything we cover synthesized cleanly in The Bio-Carbon FAQs Handout.

How do bio-carbons make us healthy?


We'll explore the four key roles that bio-carbons can play in our health. You'll learn why I liken these substances to doting parents visiting their college kid, what some of the most compelling literature says, and the fundamental mechanism that allows them to work as the ultimate adaptogen in the body. 

You'll also get a 40+ page Bio-Carbon Research Summary where I've broken down the key takeaways from the literature, so you can dive as deeply into the science as you like. 

How to choose a bio-carbon product


After laying an educational foundation, we'll switch gears to focus on the applied side and cover all of the ins and outs of product selection.

You'll get my Binder Comparison Cheatsheet where you can easily see how our preferred products stack up and which binder does what. 

You'll also gain access to the Binders + Bio-Carbons Supplement Guide where I specify my top product picks based on what I've used for years with clients and students to great effect. We'll rate each binder as strong, moderate, or mild, and provide insight on which populations each product is especially well-suited for, as well as offer exclusive dispensary discounts. 

How to use your bio-carbon product


After you've chosen your product, you're ready to begin using it. In this section, we'll go over my top tips and strategies for taking your binder successfully.

How often should you take your binder? When should you take it? Should you switch products regularly? Well cover all of it.

We'll also go over my 4 Simple Scenarios where I suggest you think about adding in a dose of binder in order to improve your quality of life.

Finally, we'll spend some time talking next steps so you can understand exactly how your binder can serve as the portal to your health journey, and where you can go from here.

And we've got a great bonus video for you!


Join me in this special bonus literature deep-dive video, where we'll talk about some of the most exciting research studies available on Bio-Carbons and what it means for you.

Learn what the science says about bio-carbons and cancer, blood sugar, cholesterol, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, and more!

Little secret for ya...


I don't take many supplements.

I just take one.

(Any guesses? 😉)

I never thought I'd say that after being diagnosed with Lupus 5 years ago and then relying on gut modalities to manage it. 

I was taking enzymes, bile support, and HCl at every meal.

I was drinking demulcent herbs twice a day.

I was pounding probiotics. 

I was doing a different "kill" protocol every 6 months. 

And I felt okay...

...not strong, resilient, clear, and vital.

But okay.

And these days? 

After moving through the Mitochondria Mastery Map, now, most days, I take just one thing: my Bio-Carbon Binder.

It's my maintenance, prophylaxis, resilience builder. And I treasure the freedom it's given me.

Looking back, were I starting at day 1 on my healing journey with no money, time, or energy, I'd make things way easier on myself...

...and I'd start with a Bio-Carbon.

And, indeed, if you meet me on the street and ask me for one single low-effort, low-cost thing you can begin *today* that will pack the biggest punch in your health...

...I'm always going to say a bio-carbon binder.


 Questions? Let's answer them.

...so let's stop over-complicating health for a second and break it down real simple.


At GutsyGreen, we understand that toxins drive disease.

They suppress the mitochondria, deprive us of energy, and keep us in Cell Danger Response and away from healing. 

Our goals for addressing the root cause of chronic illness are thus simple:

  1. Lower your body's toxin load
  2. Support the mitochondria

Bio-Carbons are the only substance in existence that I'm aware of that are adept at carrying out both of these roles.


...so if you're ready to give this simple, common sense approach a whirl, we're ready to help.


Like I said, this class was a calling.

I felt called to lower all of the typical barriers that people face when it comes to getting started and to just make this about the work. About the value.

That's why the cost of this course is the same cost as going to see a movie. 

It'll take about the same amount of time to consume as watching a long-ish movie.

But if you spend the time and follow through, you're going to have a foundation you can build off of for the rest of your life.

So I invite you to spend the next few hours with me.

And when you're finished, if you feel so moved - please spread the word!


Now only $22